viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011

Wendy: "What do you feel? Happiness? Sadness? Jealousy?"
Peter: "Jealousy? Tink!"
Wendy: "Anger?"
Peter: "Anger? Hook!
Wendy: "Love?"
Peter: "Love?"
Wendy: "Love."
Peter: "I have never heard of it."
Wendy: "I think you have Peter. I daresay you've felt it yourself for something or... someone."
Peter: "Never. Even the sound of it offends me!"
Wendy: "Peter."
Peter: "Why do you spoil everything? We have fun don't we? I taught you to fight and to fly! What more could there be?"
Wendy: "There is so much more."
Peter: "What? What else is there?"
Wendy: "I don't know but I think it becomes clearer when you grow up."
Peter: "Well, I will not grow up! You cannot make me! I will banish you like Tinker Bell!"
Wendy: "I will not be banished!"
Peter: "Then go home! Go home and grow up! And take your feelings with you!"